(Solved): “Predictions based on correlations lie at the heart of Big Data”


(Solved): “Predictions based on correlations lie at the heart of Big Data”

1. The rubric asks you to use at least TWO academic sources. One must be from the sources posted for you on mycourses, and the other can be from mycourses or from your own independent research. An academic source is defined here as a chapter from a published scholarly text or an article in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. Newspaper articles, articles from magazines such as the New Yorker or the London Review of Books, industry sources, websites, blogs and social media texts DO NOT COUNT AS ACADEMIC SOURCES. This does not mean that you can’t use them. They can be excellent sources and I strongly suggest you do use them. However, they should be used IN ADDITION TO and not INSTEAD OF academic sources. Students who do not use a minimum of two academic sources in their essays will not get an A. If you are unsure as to what constitutes an academic source, please come and see me and bring your sources with you so we can discuss their suitability together. 2. Please be very careful to avoid plagiarism. You should NEVER cut and paste sentences or chunks of text from your sources without (a) putting these chunks in inverted commas and (b) acknowledging the source in-text as well as in the Reference List. Instead, either place the lifted sentences in inverted commas and acknowledge the source or rewrite them in your own words (a process known as paraphrasing) and acknowledge the source in-text and in the Reference List at the end of the essay. Please note that if Turnitin detects a high plagiarism rate (over 10%) in your essay, you will be reported to the Academic Standards Committee and you will be penalised for this offense. Please come and see me if you are unsure about what constitutes plagiarism. 3. Please remember to cite your sources both in-text and in the Reference List at the end of the essay using APA. Topic: “Predictions based on correlations lie at the heart of Big Data” a) What is big data, and why is it considered to be a valuable ‘raw material of business’ that creates ‘a new form of economic value’? Please give an informed opinion that draws on the different definitions we have explored in class. b) In class, we discussed how big data can be used to predict how likely people are to purchase certain products, their risk of committing crimes and/or how likely they are to suffer from poor physical and mental health. How do you feel about this trend? Please use specific examples in your answer.

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