(Solved): Practice Writing 2: Presenting Research in a Meaningful Way


(Solved): Practice Writing 2: Presenting Research in a Meaningful Way

Using research in your writing helps you show your reader that you possess thorough knowledge of a subject, thereby making it easier to inform, instruct, persuade, etc. The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice how to make research relevant and meaningful. You will conduct research and use it to support conclusions you have made and or identified. Guidelines for the Assignment You will write a one page statement that supports why being able to communicate effectively is important in the field of Computer Science. You will need to use a minimum of two reliable sources to prove your point. The sources must be cited within the statement. You will need to have a minimum of three in-text citations. In-text citations means you have used research to support what you have said. Introduce the research (as a quote, paraphrase, or summary) with an attributive tag (for example: according to…., research from the journal of —– supports that….) and close the research with a parenthetical reference (for example: (author name and page number) (Smith 2)). You will also need to need to provide a works cited or reference page of all the sources used. Checklist: Including the following will help you produce an effective research statement: Topic sentence (opening sentence) that states the main idea of what you learned from the sources Supporting research related to topic with proper citation Transitions that make the paragraph comprehensible In and out of research Between ideas Closing sentence to reinforce, connect or recap your message. Grading Criteria Content: Clear and concise topic (opening) sentence; appropriate closing or recap sentence; application of research; active, supporting statement made relevant. Make the research meaningful. After you present the research in the paragraph, follow up by helping the reader understand your point. Don’t expect the reader to make sense of the research you are presenting. Format: Single-spaced page with multiple paragraphs. In-text citations are cited in the correct format with attributive tags and a works cited page. Grammar and Mechanics: Free of errors; use of professional language; complete sentences; logical flow and transitions. NOTE: Failure to use in-text citations and/or provide a works cited (or reference) page will result in a zero for this assignment.

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