(Solved): PowerPoint Presentation


(Solved): PowerPoint Presentation

The objectives for this assignment are (1) to put together a reflective presentation on my second major project, and (2) to demonstrate that I can produce writing in an alternative medium. To that end, I will produce a presentation that would take approximately ten to fifteen minutes (give or take) to present before an audience. The presentation will emphasize how I met the core learning outcomes for our course. I must refer to the learning outcomes from our syllabus. Below here are some of the info I must provide in my PowerPoint presentation. Research * Secondary source to explain an issues * idintify a keypoint of that topic * utilized staticle data from 3 critical sources to look at demographic trends related to my topic. * eplain to my audeince what method i used to find this info to get that idea across to them * researched data using advanced data bases. For more info on this assignment, please open up the ” PowerPoint Presentation.docx” file to view the Main objective and requirements for this PowerPoint Presentation Assignment. Also please open up the “Syllabus winter 2017.docx” file because that one contain the learning objectives that will be needed for this assignment. Also open up the my “proposal Argument ( Second Major Project.docx” file because that is the main the main assignment that this PowerPoint Assignment will be about.

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