(Solved): Plagiarism


(Solved): Plagiarism

Description You will create a document that will serve as a contract between you and your instructor detailing your understanding of the definition and consequences of plagiarizing any portion of any assignment for this class, or any other subsequent class in your program. Objectives In this course, we will discover ways to avoid plagiarism, intentional and unintentional. Correctly use the APA style of citing; summarize and paraphrase without plagiarizing. Instructions Please design a Plagiarism Contract using your own words to acknowledge your understand of plagiarism. Your form must include: a comprehensive, thorough definition of plagiarism (discussed in the lecture, in our textbook, online, and various sources) a statement indicating your understanding that if you plagiarize work, you will earn a zero for that assignment and may fail the course, or be suspended or terminated from the program What is the cost of plagiarism? your signature *Note: Make sure that all aspects of this writing are in your own words. If you use outside resources, you must still completely rewrite the information in your own words to avoid plagiarism itself.

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