(Solved): Persuasive Essay


(Solved): Persuasive Essay

Descriptive presentation: Suppose Ms. Cain is thinking about moving to a new city, you can pick the city. Moreover, I may be in the market for a car, a house, a job, or whatever you may think I need to survive living in the city. Therefore, your job is to describe in detail using action verbs, sensory details (sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste) and vivid language (figure of speech), what it is you are trying to sell. You are selling either the city, housing, job or all of them together. For this presentation, I want you to get into groups (3 person per group). You will need to dress the part of the job you are presenting. Please be creative. You can also use Visual Aids! **Students will write an Expository essay that goes along with your presentation. In this essay, you will be writing to persuade your intended audience, so that means all of the information that you have presented will be in your paper. You want to get and, of course, keep your reader’s attention. So, you should: •Have a well defined thesis. Start with a thesis statement/research question/statement of intent. Make sure you answer your question or do what you say you set out to do. Do not wander from your topic. •Provide evidence to back up what you are saying. Support your arguments with facts and reasoning. Do not simply list facts, incorporate these as examples supporting your position, but at the same time make your point as succinctly as possible. The essay should be concise. Make your point and conclude your essay. Don’t make the mistake of believing that repetition and over-stating your case will score points with your readers.

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