(Solved): Parsing an Argument


(Solved): Parsing an Argument

In a coherent and well-written essay (4-6 pages), you will outline the basic argumentative structure of the article “Can Victim Rights Go Too Far?” ( (Links to an external site.)). You will first break down the argument offered down to its component parts (claims, reasons, evidence, warrants, etc.) and then analyze the cogency of the argument. In your essay, you should 1) identify the major claim(s) advanced in the article; 2) identify and evaluate the sufficiency, relevance, and cogency of the evidence and the reasoning offered in support of the claim(s); and 3) identify the structural relationship among various claims. One of the keys to this assignment will be your structural analysis of the argument; that is, what is the thesis claim? What are subsidiary claims? How do they relate?

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