(Solved): Outline on Environmental Issues


(Solved): Outline on Environmental Issues

I have to use at least 3 of these sources “The Hidden Life of Garbage” – article from text book, by Heather Rogers “The Case against Air Conditioning” – article from text book, by Stanley Cox “Environmentalism as Religion” – article from text book, by Paul Rubin “The Value of Trash” – video presented by Slovaj Zizek “Why Fighting Climate Change Requires Changing the Narrative” – Essay by Adam Frank “Save the Whales, Screw the Shrimp” – An essay by Joy Williams “Saving the Planet” – Stand up Excerpt from a routine by George Carlin “The Story of Stuff” – video presented by Annie Leonard No Impact Man­ – Documentary starring Colin Beavan “My Mushroom Burial Suit” – TED talk presented by Jae Rhim Lee “Buy Experiences, Not Things” – Article published in The Atlantic, by James Hamblin

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