(Solved): Narrative Essay Assignment


(Solved): Narrative Essay Assignment

A narrative tells a story about a specific event or a series of events. For this paper, you will be telling a story about you.Your finished paper will have: A clear, appropriate, and well-maintained focus. Logical and clear organization, with a beginning (introduction ending with a three-prong thesis statement), a middle (three body paragraphs, each addressing one prong of your thesis), and an end (conclusion). A TOTAL OF FIVE PARAGRAPHS. Good use of transitions Specific, concrete, relevant, and effectively expressed supporting details. Use of sophisticated vocabulary in Standard English, and a variety of sentence structures. Please double-space, use 12 pt. font, Times New Roman . As a pre-writing, which you will turn in along with your final copy, complete the following statements with 3 prongs: I am happiest when… This week I prepared for the future by… I get angry when… I waste time by…. I put trust in… I feel love when… The funniest things about me are… I feel sad when… Not many people know that… I am bored when… The day I graduate from college I will… I am the proudest when… I wish… If I had to do it all over again… The things I like best about myself are… Once you have completed the pre-writing exercise, choose one of the 15 statements you have written with a three-prong thesis for the topic of your essay.Remember to send your first draft to SMARTHINKING for suggestions for revision before you submit your final paper to me. You should also go through the checklist for revision.

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