(Solved): Narrative Essay Assignment


(Solved): Narrative Essay Assignment

A narrative tells a story about a specific event or a series of events. For this paper, you will be telling a story about you.Your finished paper will have:• A clear, appropriate, and well-maintained focus.• Logical and clear organization, with a beginning (introduction ending with a three-prong thesis statement), a middle (three body paragraphs, each addressing one prong of your thesis), and an end (conclusion). A TOTAL OF FIVE PARAGRAPHS.• Good use of transitions• Specific, concrete, relevant, and effectively expressed supporting details.• Use of sophisticated vocabulary in Standard English, and a variety of sentence structures.• Please double-space, use 12 pt. font, Times New Roman . As a pre-writing, which you will turn in along with your final copy, complete the following statements with 3 prongs: I am happiest when… This week I prepared for the future by… I get angry when… I waste time by…. I put trust in… I feel love when… The funniest things about me are… I feel sad when… Not many people know that… I am bored when… The day I graduate from college I will… I am the proudest when… I wish… If I had to do it all over again… The things I like best about myself are… Once you have completed the pre-writing exercise, choose one of the 15 statements you have written with a three-prong thesis for the topic of your essay.

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