(Solved): Narration speech


(Solved): Narration speech

Narrative Speech This will be a 4–5 minute narrative speech. The purpose of this assignment is to show you how to focus any story and make it into a well thought out, interesting speech. Choose a particular moment in your life in which you learned a valuable lesson or fact. Expand on this topic by focusing on how the audience could benefit from knowing this information. It could be something you learned in hindsight or something you are still trying to understand (i.e. a moral issue); however, either way it must be relevant to the audience. This speech should be an original effort to convey a story about your experiences to your audience in an interesting manner. While you will be conveying a story in this speech, you must still follow the speech organizational pattern: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion! Also focus on how knowing this information will benefit your audience—it is not just a story. The speech should be interesting, well organized, competently presented, and should be appealing to your audience. You must have a captivating introduction, logical organization in the body, and have a conclusion that summarizes your theme memorably. Pay attention to timing as it important to learn how to make a presentation stay within the time limit. A final outline is required for this speech. The outline is worth 15 points. make corrections and revisions as needed.

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