(Solved): Multicultural Marketing Paper


(Solved): Multicultural Marketing Paper

Now, more than ever, the need to operate in a multicultural society has transformed how marketers are reaching out into the consumer marketplace. Let’s take a look at how that is happening and what is occurring. To begin your assignment, research, read materials, watch videos, and use outside sources about this topic. Next, select a specific multicultural market (one that includes a wide mixture of races, ethnicities, genders/gender orientations, etc.) and complete your research in all the following areas: Geographic concentration Demographics (how each group differs from the others) Market dynamics (shifts that may be taking place, including percentage movements of individual groups within the larger market) Cultural issues that will affect marketing efforts for this market Best ways to reach the various cultures within this market Write a 500 word paper addressing all the issues above about the specific multicultural market. Be sure to use the APA format. The body of the paper must be a minimum of 500 words in length, not including the title page, abstract, any embedded charts/graphs, reference page, appendices, etc. Support your writing with research using at least two credible outside sources. You may use any credible sources to support your work.

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