(Solved): Midterm mythology assignment


(Solved): Midterm mythology assignment

Select a Campbell passage in our text — not one stated by Moryers — and either support or refute it (thesis) — then back up your thesis with supportive material (evidence). You can use ancient history, recent past history, or contemporary developments to make your case. The central aim of this assignment is to show the relevance to your thesis to the human condition as we know it today. For example, we discussed yesterday Campbell’s statement that the past is embedded in our interior walls of beliefs like “shards” in an “archeological” site. That statement is supported by Roman Emperor Constantine’s decision about which date to hold a Christian celebration of the birthday of Jesus — based on the previous Winter Solstice celebration, with lights and gift-giving. Or, you may feel more motivated to challenge something Campbell states. It’s all up to you! You may select any passage in the text, even if we have not yet examined that chapter in class. At the top of your first page, please state the passage that you are examining and cite it. That will be your first citation. Your text should number 3-4 pages, double-spaced, and should be followed by a Works Cited page. You need a minimum of five separate sources, all cited in MLA footnote format. Your paper will be due on the date you selected. It should be sent to me — [email protected] — via email attachment. I do not accept late papers. You can submit early, but not late. If you have any questions, please send me an email and I will respond quickly.

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