(Solved): Media Violence, Accommodations of Students with Disabilities and Distance Learning


(Solved): Media Violence, Accommodations of Students with Disabilities and Distance Learning

For this assignment, please choose the issue that interests you and answer the following questions. You will write a full-length essay on this topic later in this unit. 1. What social issues interest or concern you? 2. Choose one that you you’d like to focus on for this essay and write it below. 3. What is the rhetorical context surrounding this issue, i.e., why is it important to you and how is it prevalent in today’s society? 4. List some of the things that you already know about your topic. 5. What is your opinion on the topic? 6. List some of the questions that you have about this issue. For example, if you are writing about cyberbullying, you may examine the questions: • Why has this become so prevalent in our society? • What are the consequences? • How can we educate people (children) about constructive ways to be online? 7. List some of the different perspectives that exist on this issue. 8. Where do you think you will be able to find good sources on this topic? Here is a sample paragraph from an exploratory essay: “The United States admits about 900,000 legal immigrants each year, up from about 600,000 per year in the 1980s” (Lankowski 1999). Why do foreigners want to be part of the United States? What lures their interest to come to this country? Often the reason why foreigners want to come to the United States is family reunification, skills, diversity and humanitarian interests (Lankowski 1999). Why does the United States want people to come to this country? Research shows that immigrants contribute to the United States by working hard and having skills the United States want. What are the detractors of immigrants coming to the United States? Immigrants help the population of the United States to grow but this also contributes to environmental and related problems.”

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