(Solved): Macroeconomics Report Case Study of Russian Federation


(Solved): Macroeconomics Report Case Study of Russian Federation

Make a 2000 word report giving a profile of one national economy of your choice. This should summarise key features and give key statistical indices. You must analyse and where appropriate explain the most important peculiarities and problems and identify key aims and issues for the macroeconomic policy of that particular nation. You should spend roughly 1/5th of your time/space and effort outlining the economic structure (Themes 1-3): 2/5ths on macroeconomic fluctuations—recent past and present (themes 4-6): and 2/5ths analysing key issues for policy (themes 7 and 8). Wherever it seems like a good idea—try to explain the trends you present. (For example, if there is high inflation, huge sovereign, debt, unusually high unemployment.) 1. Describe the structure of the economy and the main sources of the country’s wealth. (What industries does it have, what agriculture, raw materials, minerals. What are its key imports and exports? How big is the public sector?) 2. What is the state of its balance of trade (exports relative to imports)? What is its position in terms of financial flows? Is it a net capital exporter or importer? Is there a deficit or surplus on either trade or financial accounts? What is the overall balance (adding them) Is the country accumulating debt or surplus over time? 3. Where does the country stand in key indices, compared to others? 4.What are its main national indicators – GDP, GDP per capita, and health statistics, education, debt, productivity, population, growth, measures of inequality, well being, etc? 5. What is its macroeconomic state? In a recession, growing fast etc? And main macroeconomic/fluctuation indictors—like inflation and unemployment—but also output and income and investment growth (or lack of it). What is the state of government finances? What is the situation of its currency (is the exchange rate stable or volatile, rising or falling, is this helping or hindering the economy)? 6. What are the key features of its recent development? Use all or some of these indicators to tell the story of its recent experience. 7. What the key current national economic issues and problems and thus what are the key current macroeconomic policy priorities?

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