(Solved): Literature Review on top management and strategic leadership


(Solved): Literature Review on top management and strategic leadership

700 words (approx literature) Need a literature review from high quality journal (see attach file) for the topic of top management team and strategic leadership and the current issue or that. Review need to cover empirical fining that are relevant to TMT and strategic leadership need 15 or more ref, and 12 of which need to be on this list provide, peer-review ad from 2006-2016 Marking criteria: Relevant and appropriate and also 15 or more academic articles for literature review to support it. Literature review is seamlessly connected with practice. • Pay attention to your Leadership Theory and Literature review o You need a sizable section on literature review. Summarize your findings in literature and draw on appropriate leadership frame(s) (theory/theories) that is/are relevant to your specific topic. o You may string together your literature review chronologically or organize it around the major issues they have dealt with your topic. See assignment writing guide for how to structure your literature review. o You also need to state how your literature review is connected with the subject of your topic. Make sure all materials from journal and other sources are clearly referenced. o There is a need to show evidence of analytical and critical thinking throughout the essay.

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