(Solved): Leader Development Reflexive Essay + Weekly Journal


(Solved): Leader Development Reflexive Essay + Weekly Journal

The individual essay seeks to consolidate your learning by asking you to write a reflexive essay that considers your experiences in this course and in life and how you can use that experience to plan your own ongoing development as a wise leader. You will have to use the research literature to justify the efficacy of this self-development plan. You need to keep a weekly reflexive journal or diary for this assignment. The diary will be your primary data source but you must cite the literature on leadership development & roles, communication of vision and change and other relevant leader’s roles covered in this unit. You must attach a copy of your diary to the assignment when you hand it in. Don’t forget that you can quote your journal entries as evidence to support your argument in the essay. This assignment will allow you to demonstrate your understanding (or the degree to which you have made sense) of the unit and its application to your career and how you see that learning continuing after the unit has be completed. To this end your assignment must put forward a convincing and well-justified self-development plan. What is different about this essay compared to others you may have written at University is that you have not been asked to write an essay summarizing the content of the unit (or parts of it). What you are required to write about is what you can envisage you can do with the content of this unit to become a wise leader. Put in different words, we are asking you to demonstrate the ways in which this unit is of benefit to you as a future leader. You may also find it useful to write in the first person rather than the normal third person.

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