(Solved): Journal


(Solved): Journal

I’d like you to reflect on the importance of physical and mental health on your ability to perform well in school. In your reflection provide an in-depth discussion based on the following questions and others that you may have on this topic and include references to the readings: How does your stress level change throughout the quarter? How do you manage periods of time of high stress? How do you think that you can increase your level of hardiness around issues that cause you lots of stress? Based on your time management assignments, talk about your sleep patterns. How do they compare to those discussed in your reading? How do you think that your current sleep patterns impact your ability to learn? Do you think you need to make changes in your daily routines to improve your amount and quality of sleep at night? If so, what do you think that you need to do? Discuss other issues that you think impact your ability to handle stress and maintain good health in school (i.e., exercise, diet, other habits). just one page due in 10 hours like last time.

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