(Solved): Intertextual Essay: English 250


(Solved): Intertextual Essay: English 250

See also attached document – more material can be delivered In this essay, you should analyze assigned work by four of the authors, to demonstrate comprehension of material – see list below. Choose 4 authors from at least 3 different time periods. The 4th can be from any of the four centuries listed below (the eighteenth-, nineteenth-, twentieth-, and twenty-first centuries). In choosing the authors, you should focus on a theme that will allow you to construct a coherent, interpretive argument that does not jump from topic to topic. If you are choosing work by a poet, choose wisely. You could cover multiple short poems. Don’t choose a text because you think it won’t require much effort. Try to do justice to each of the authors you select. The focus needs to remain on the literature. Birth dates and other trivia should only be mentioned if it is relevant to your subject. Support claims with paraphrase and quotes from assigned reading. Also, be sure to provide enough context for readers who have not read the work in the textbook. Summarize as you analyze, but do not limit your discussion to mere summary. It may help you to think of this essay as a more coherent type of essay exam. Cavendish’s “Female Orations” (160-164) Smith “Good Bones” Sojourner Truth’s speech “Ain’t I a Woman?” (510-511) Crosley “Why Women Apologize and Should Stop” Gilman “The Yellow Wallpaper” (1392-1403) & “Why I Wrote The Yellow Wallpaper” (1403-1404) Rossetti “Goblin Market” (1089-1100) Hopkins “Talma Gordon” (1377-1388) Eliot “The Lifted Veil” (986-1016) Glaspell “Trifles” (177-187) Stone “The Song of Absinthe Granny” Viramontes “The Moths” (1414-1418) Glück “Widows” (1285)

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