(Solved): I just wanna be average by mike rose


(Solved): I just wanna be average by mike rose

5. What reasons does Rose give for his not being a good student? 6. Why does he like the following classmates: Dave Synder, Ted Richard, Ken Harvey? How do your peers affect your attitude and performance in school in your opinion? 7. What happened to put Rose in the college prep track? 8. According to Rose, why do so many students stay disconnected, unmotivated, and not make something of themselves in school? 9. Who is Jack McFarland? Tell about his teaching. Why do you think that Rose finds McFarland is a good teacher? (There are many reasons here. You might want to list them.) Do you agree with Rose? Why/why not? 10. Have you experienced a teacher like McFarland? If so tell about him. Then choose one of the worst (in your opinion) teachers you have ever had. What made that teacher so bad? Were they anything like Dill and Mitropetros. Or even

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