(Solved): “Hormonal Changes When Falling in Love”


(Solved): “Hormonal Changes When Falling in Love”

Read the academic case study, “Hormonal Changes When Falling in Love” on pages 356-360 in your text book (An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing), and respond to the following questions. Be sure to give detailed, well-developed responses that include direct references to the text when necessary. 1. The study’s introduction explicitly establishes the researchers’ goals for their study. What are those goals? 2. How does the introduction establish the significance or importance of the researcher’s work for the audience? 3. Closely analyze the structure of the of the study’s Discussion section. Based on your analysis, what do you see as the section’s organizational logic? In other words, what do you believe the researchers set out to achieve in this section of the study? 4. What central limitation, or bias, are the researchers concerned with, based on the study’s Discussion section? 5. How does the Acknowledgements section affect the researchers’ ethos? 6. The researchers write that falling in love “tended temporarily to eliminate some differences between the sexes, or to soften some male features in men and, in parallel to increase them in women” (par. 27). Consider a time when you’ve fallen in love or when you’ve witnessed what you thought was someone falling in love. Do your experiences support the researchers’ conclusion in this instance?

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