(Solved): History of Pop and Rock Music #2 Project or Paper


(Solved): History of Pop and Rock Music #2 Project or Paper

Topics: Must be taken from any topic pertaining to Pop and Rock Music and should be of something or someone that interests you that we have not covered to date. It cannot be an extension of a classroom discussion. 1. Must be related to the topic of pop or rock music therefore, you may focus on a band, a musician, an instrument, recording techniques, or other aspects of the role music held in American society during the first century of Pop and Rock music (1900-2000) 2. May be associated with your primary area of study – for example, if you are a graphic arts student, you may be interested in artwork found on albums of a specific band or period of time 3. Topic must be approved BEFORE you make your submission for grading. Neglecting this requirement will cause you to receive no higher than a “70” for your submission regardless of how excellent it may be—or rejection of your paper! 4. Must have at least 3 supporting references NOT INCLUDING your textbook and no, Wikipedia doesn’t count as a supporting reference. Speak to me about the difficulty locating other resources and I can help you!

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