(Solved: Health Information system selection and development


(Solved: Health Information system selection and development

Discuss when and how nurse leaders and staff nurses could participate during the HIS selection process. Please provide specific examples. The supporting rational references are to be in APA format both in the body and noting the completed references at the end of the post. You need at least one reference from the literature and a reference from the module to support your post to count as acceptable. As graduate students you are lending depth and breath through noting the evidence in published work. Please do not reference a web site; you need to get into the published body of knowledge to support your work. Recommended readings from Module The module is the power point attached in this order (It also has a video) reference: Nahm, E. (2014, November 5). Module 13 – Selecting Information Systems: Leadership and Ethics. Lecture. Retrieved from You will then respond to the question below after writing the paper. Anyone of the questions is fine. This response doesn’t require references. (let’s chart to clarify, if you have question for me): Please answer one or more of the following questions. Questions: 1. In your professional area/workplace, can you identify any environmental factors that have affected clinical systems? 2. How has Health Information Technology(HIT) affected your workplace? What have been the pros/cons that you have seen? 3. In regards to Information System(IS) Strategic Plans, have you been a part of the steps of IS strategic planning in your workplace? How have you been involved in IS plans? 4. How have you seen your workplace promote continued education, nursing advancement, and policy changes as related to Health Information Technology and patient care? 5. A team structure has a interdisciplinary component. If you were given the task of forming a team, who would you place on the team and why? 6. What are the components of a Two-tiered structure, and what are the roles of those individuals parts? 7. How do the Principles of Informatics Ethics relate to Health Information Technology? Can you provide an example(s) from your place of work? OVERVIEW Health information systems (HIS) are important components of health care delivery affecting various aspects of care delivered within organizations. The HIS selection process is an interdisciplinary effort and nurses must play active role in that process. With the wide use of HISs, clinical nurses must carefully exercise ethical principles surrounding the use of data captured in HISs. OBJECTIVES At the conclusion of this module, the learner will be able to: • Describe a brief overview of the system selection process. • Articulate nurses’ roles during the system selection process. • Explain the application of HIPAA rules surrounding HISs REQUIRED READINGS • Curtin, L. (2005). Ethics in informatics: the intersection of nursing, ethics, and information technology. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 29(4), 349-352. • Goodman, K. (2010). Ethics, information technology, and public health: New challenges for the clinician-patient relationship. Journal of Law. Medicine & Ethics, 38(1), 58-63. • Simpson, R. L. (2013). Chief nurse executives need contemporary informatics competencies. Nursing Economics, 31, 277-287

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