(Solved): Growth option and actual capital budget/ Executive salaries


(Solved): Growth option and actual capital budget/ Executive salaries

Please support your opinion with documentation, APA format, and professional style paper, and please answer the questions in discussion style format. Part One Would a failure to recognize growth options tend to cause a firm’s actual capital budget to be above or below the optimal level? Would your answer be the same for abandonment, timing, and flexibility options? Explain using a practical/hypothetical example from your industry. Part two Executive salaries have been shown to be more closely correlated to the size of the firm than to its profitability. If a firm’s board of directors is controlled by management rather than outside directors, this might result in the firm’s retaining more earnings than can be justified from the stockholders’ point of view. Discuss those statements, being sure (1) to discuss the interrelationships among cost of capital, investment opportunities, and new investment and (2) to explain the implied relationship between dividend policy and stock prices.

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