(Solved): Genetic Modification Paper


(Solved): Genetic Modification Paper

Genetic Modification Paper Paper requirements: Length: 1500-1800 words; do not exceed 2000 words Sources: 6-10 academically oriented sources (in addition to any course material) Wednesday 6/19: in-class thesis/outline Monday 6/24: Typed Rough draft due with a minimum of 4 full pages (MLA formatting – double spacing, one-inch margins, 12 pt Times New Roman font) to receive credit for peer editing. Wednesday 6/24: Annotated bibliography of sources due. See assignment below. Wednesday 6/26: Revised draft for in-class self and peer editing. Monday 7/1 (final exam day): Final draft due in class and must be uploaded to Turnitin BEFORE class. Topic: Human genetic modification is no longer the science fiction depicted in Gattaca. Beginning in 2016, several couples have given birth to babies that were genetically modified using DNA from a third person. More recently in 2018, a Chinese scientist genetically modified an embryo to reduce the risk of developing H.I.V. from the infected father. Besides the ethical concerns of this practice, some scientists are worried about the impact especially of germline editing, which results in a permanent change to the DNA which is passed onto future generations (a heritable condition). For this essay, take a stance on whether or not we should participate in genetic modification of pre-implantation embryos. Besides, medical/health impact, the paper must also consider the social impact of genetically manipulating humans. Please do not bring religion into the paper. Thesis: What’s your position on genetic modification? Should we embrace our ability to determine the traits or conditions that our children will develop, or should we let nature do what it’s been doing so well for hundreds of thousands of years? You can have a balanced perspective (meaning it’s not all negative or all positive); however, there should still be a stronger disposition for one side of the argument. The above is a way to begin considering your argument and reasons behind your opinion. Create an annotated bibliography of 6 sources – you may have more at this point, but present just 6 of the most relevant ones. The annotation must include a brief paragraph that summarizes the source (article or book), offers some rhetorical analysis of strengths and potential weaknesses of the material, and discusses how this information will be used in the paper. See page. 411 in your textbook for additional info. At the top, include a brief introduction to your annotated bibliography (not to your paper – to this bibliography). See attached documents for examples. The student example shows the MLA layout of the annotated bibliography, including the approximate length of each annotation. The example shows only 3 sources for illustration, but you need 6 sources. This must be TYPED, double spaced, and all other MLA formatting requirements. For this assignment, you may print double-sided. The final draft of this essay will not include an annotated bibliography, just a regular Works Cited. This assignment is to assess the strength of your sources.

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