In this essay, you will examine elements of popular culture and relate it to several questions: What does it mean to be a member of and a participant in your historical generation? How does your generation speak? How does your generation express itself? Which historical events, geopolitical changes, and popular entertainment haveinfluenced your generation?What popular entertainment seems to best capture your generation?How do you define yourself amidst your generation? You can take whichever perspective on this topic that you think most clearly defines one of the above (or one of your own) questions concerning your generation today’s society,and popular culture. This essay needs torely on a combination of your personal experience or observations, the ideas that you will encounter in the texts(especially student posts to iLearn and examples of popular culture that students and the instructor provide as examples) that we will read or discuss over this unit, and primary research that you conduct about your topic. Over the unit, you will be reading, responding to, and discussing texts that examine a variety of topics about the cultural forces that define and influence your generation. This roughly 1,250-word essay (1,000-1,500 words are acceptable) needs to be formatted in MLA style. You are required to incorporate four sources into this essay: either a movie, a television episode,a song, an advertisement, or a book(s); at least one visual source; and two interviews. You can incorporate as many additional sources as you wish, including essays that are found within the Reading Cultures text; however, because of the nature of this essay, normally incorporating more sources makes the essay less effective, especially superficial research found on the Internet because this essay requires that you draw primarily on your personal experiences, observations, analysis,and primary research to make a substantial and perceptive claim about our world

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