FUNDAMENTALS OF PUBLIC HEALTH: SCIENCE AND PRACTICE Fundamentals of Public Health: Science and Practice Assessment The aim of this assessment is to enable you to consider a case study in order to demonstrate your understanding of key principles of Public Health. To achieve this you will need choose ONE of the following case studies and draw on • key public health concepts • some relevant sociological theories/ concepts • recent policy initiatives and responses • strategies that encourage health promoting behaviour • risks associated with lifestyle choices The essay will be 3000 words in length. Case Study 1 Jack is a 58 year old Caucasian business man. He lives in an affluent area of a small town and runs a successful travel business. He finds the work stressful and works very long hours; he deals with the stress by smoking and drinking at least a bottle of wine most days. Case Study 2 Joanne is a 33 year old Asian female. She had a University education and now has a good job working for an accountancy firm. She lives with her boyfriend in a large city in the Midlands in an expensive penthouse apartment. She smokes heavily and spends several evenings each week and every weekend in various bars and clubs, where she drinks excessively and takes recreational drugs with her friends. Her boyfriend disapproves of her excessive drinking and recreational drug taking and considers her friends to be a bad influence. Her parents are concerned about her long term health. Case Study 3 Kev is 23 years old, works in the building trade and lives with his parents in a rundown suburb of a large city. He thinks that he might be gay, but doesn’t know how to discuss the issue with his parents. His father and his work mates have previously made homophobic comments about gay people. His parents are concerned that he is spending increasing amounts of time getting drunk and smoking cannabis. Case Study 4 Sara is 15 and her parents were killed in a boating accident 12 months ago. She has had to move to live with her grandparents in a nearby town and has recently started at a new local high school, where she is having problems fitting in. She is a keen netball player and plays in the county league, although recently she has been missing practice sessions. Some of her new friends smoke and drink alcohol and she is under pressure to join in.

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