(Solved): From Ordinary Resurrections by Jonathan Kozal


(Solved): From Ordinary Resurrections by Jonathan Kozal

1/Write two paragraphs. In paragraph one, identify one characteristic of a good teacher in the topic sentence. Then write five or more sentences to explain that characteristic. Try coming up with characteristics that are different from what your classmates have written. 2/ In your second paragraph describe an instructor you’ve experienced that presented that characteristic. After the topic sentence, write five more sentences about this instructor and how he/she exemplifies that characteristic. 4. Describe Mr. Bedrock’s teaching style. (The way in which the teacher conducts himself/herself in the classroom while engaging in certain practices that facilitate learning may be considered “teaching style). 5. How does Mr. Bedrock maintain classroom harmony? 6. How does Mr. Bedrock teach mathematics creatively? 7. List out what Mr. Bedrock does as a teacher that makes you think he is a good teacher. Think in terms of his general teaching style, how he maintains classroom harmony, and how he teaches creatively.

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