(Solved): Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis


(Solved): Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis

Answer theses 3 prompts. 1 paragraph each A.)In Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa wakes up from “anxious dreams” to find that he has transformed, overnight, into a bug. How could you as the reader possibly connect to this story? If you take the transformation to be literal, and you don’t believe that such a transformation is realistic, then you can stop reading after that first line and reject the novella as meaningless. However, what if Gregor’s transformation into a bug is meant to be metaphorical – meant to represent something else? As you attempt to better understand this novella and make sense of Gregor’s struggles (and his family’s struggles), you have to imagine a realistic transformation, e.g. physical illness, mental illness, addiction, etc. In this discussion post, I want you to identify at least one realistic transformation, and then briefly explain how the realistic transformation could help you (or other readers) better understand the novella. B.) Imagine you run into Gregor Samsa a week before he turns into a bug. What would you tell him to help him avoid turning into a bug? Your response should be a well-developed paragraph: It must start with a strong topic sentence and make direct references to the novella. Note 1: I strongly recommend that you do not attempt this until you have read Metamorphosis at least twice because this post requires a deeper understanding of the novella. Note 2: This is a creative exercise, so do not worry about the impossibility of meeting a fictional character or the communication difficulties stemming from speaking different languages. C.)Prompt: Imagine you have a chance to talk to a member of Gregor Samsa’s family, a week before Gregor’s transformation. Which family member would you speak to? What would you tell this family member to help stop/avoid Gregor’s transformation? Your response must be a well-developed paragraph, with a strong topic sentence; it must also make direct references to the novella. As with Discussion Post #6, this is a creative assignment, so you can take some liberties with the space-time continuum laws; however, be sure to stay true to the characters and the plot of the novella.

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