(Solved): Final Project Milestone Two: Technology Solutions and Recommendations


(Solved): Final Project Milestone Two: Technology Solutions and Recommendations

This assignment is the second milestone that you will complete for your final project. This is an important practice opportunity to draft this section now and get instructor feedback that will help you improve upon your final submission. This is graded differently than the final project given this is a practice opportunity. Review the rubric for full details. If you have not already reviewed your feedback from your instructor on Milestone One do so now. Make any corrections or adjustments to improve upon that section of your draft so that you are working from good premises before beginning this Milestone which depends on that information. The first one I had you do 2 weeks ago got me a C, it was graded 75/100 says I didn’t follow the template or the rubric. Below is his comments Aaron, While the overall start of this milestone is good – I would like to direct you to the grading rubric for the future milestone work – as this will help you to organize the work a little better. In addition you can use the template provided in the classroom to ensure you have all the information for this project. Thanks! Erik

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