(Solved): Extended Business Project – Individual Report Framework


(Solved): Extended Business Project – Individual Report Framework

Extended Business Project – Individual Report Framework (Suggested) • Introduction – Use this section to introduce what you are intending to do. • What is the report about? • In what way have you approached the task? • Company Overview – Use this section to describe the organisation and what they do. • It may be worth describing some relevant facts linked to your chosen area • current overview • • Competitive advantage – Explain what competitive advantage is and use some sub-sections to explain what the organisation is “doing” to achieve it e.g. (from the assignments brief): [Use one (or two) analytical tools that are relevant to your assignment. Examples include Generic Strategies, Value Chain, Five Forces, SWOT, PESTLE etc.] • After that explore any aspect that may be relevant to that organisation’s competitive position: Supply Chain Management OR Marketing MIX (7 P’s) OR Human Resource Management OR Financial Analysis for X Company Recommendations – State you recommendations for what you believe the organisation could do to try and maintain their competitive advantage over the next 2 to 5 years. Conclusion – Provide a conclusion to complete the report and summarize your findings. References

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