(Solved): Ethical Legal Nurse case study ( Support for Home care at the End of Life)


(Solved): Ethical Legal Nurse case study ( Support for Home care at the End of Life)

Ethical/legal Nurse Case study : utilizing knowledge gained from class and readings to understand: the ethical-moral dilemma posed, the means by which evaluative judgments were rendered by the nurse, analysis of outcomes, critique (if applicable) or praise (if applicable) of outcomes, and methods by which outcomes could have been further improved by utilizing alternative moral-ethical reasoning, information collected, or other means. Five pages maximum. This assignment is inclusive of materials covered Weeks 1-6. INSTRUCTIONS: MY TOPIC IS REGARDING AN ETHICAL CASE STUDY IN SUPPORT OF HOME CARE AT END OF LIFE 1. APA FORMAT. STRICTLY 5 PAGES ONLY. 2. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRICS CAREFULLY. RUBRICS WILL GIVE AN IDEA ON WHAT TO EXPECT ON THE CONTENT OF THE PAPER. HERE IS THE RUBRICS: A. Description of a moral dilemma, and its resolution (50 POINTS) B. Explicit application of a decision-making process to the dilemma and its resolution (50 POINTS) C.Analysis of the ethical worthiness of the outcome(s) (60 POINTS) D.Citation of the theoretical/ didactic material in text and on the reference page according to APA standards (30 POINTS) E.College level writing, including depth of thought, grammar, spelling and appropriate use of APA formatting (30 POINTS) OVERALL 220 POINTS)

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