(Solved): Ethical issues in the United States (U. S.) and society can change over time.


(Solved): Ethical issues in the United States (U. S.) and society can change over time.

Write a 500- to 650-word paper that discusses one of the ethical issues below. Use the headings and/or subheadings below for clarity to ensure that you have covered all required points in the paper. Your paper should: Include an introduction, current status, and conclusion. Describe your topic, including current research, news, and information. Explain the ethical issues related to your topic. Explain any human subject protections related to your topic (if any). Recommend at least two strategies professionals in organizations could use to be more socially responsible for trying to correct any legal and/or ethical issues related to the topic. Provide a brief description of each strategy. Select one of the strategies discussed and explain why it is the best strategy for professionals to use in reference to the topic you selected. Select one of the current public or professional topics below: Protection of the U. S. Border Torture and Terrorists: A Moral Predicament Family Separation at the U. S. Southern Border Medicaid in Texas Communities Corporate Welfare Across the U. S. Legalizing Medical and Recreational Use of Marijuana Mandatory Child Immunizations Health Care: A Right or a Privilege The Grocery Gap, Food Deserts, and Obesity Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Caring for an Aging Population An Ethical View of Gun Control Cite 3 scholarly, reputable references used to create your paper. One reference must be your textbook. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, journal articles, or other sources of similar quality. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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