(Solved): Essay about a movie that talks about being addicted to drugs


(Solved): Essay about a movie that talks about being addicted to drugs

You can watch the movie or just read summaries about it Essay One Clean, by Olivier Assayas Argument title 14 point font, double spaced Introduction of 10 – 16 lines that includes the title of the story/film, and the essay thesis in the last line. Two paragraphs of between 22 – 26 lines each Beginning with an argumentative topic sentence, containing the name of the character you discuss in that paragraph Clean The characters: Emily (mother of Jay, wife of Lee) Lee (rock star who dies of drugs) Albrecht (father of Lee, guardian of Jay Jay (son of Emily and Lee) Rosemary (wife of Albrecht, mother of Lee) Elena (friend of Emily, allowed Emily to live with her) Vernon (manager of Lee, friend of Lee and Emily) Tricky (rock artist, friend of Lee, and of Albrecht) Irene Paolini (friend of Emily who has a TV show) Sandrine (works for Irene, likes Emily) Jean Pierre (loyal friend of Lee and of Emily in Paris) Can Emily Do It? Emily lost custody of Jay while she was in prison (six months). She wanted to regain custody of Jay, but she had many ‘marks’ against her. In the later part of the story, she seemed to be trying to turn things around, and behave like a good mother. Albrecht is ready to give Jay to Emily, finally, but that might partly be because he believes that he and his wife Rosemary are too old and unhealthy to do the job anymore. By the final stages of the story, by the time Albrecht comes to Paris, does the evidence in the story suggest that Emily was ready to be given a chance to assume responsibility for Jay again, or not? Make an argument, she is or she is not. Whichever way you believe, yes she is ready, or no she is not ready, use evidence from the story to support your answer. Since you are writing the first paragraph for me, be very careful that your topic sentence makes clear which of the essay assignments you have chosen, because you had two choices. The topic sentence should be in a clear argument form, and from reading it, I should know what you are going to do in the rest of the paragraph. Also – one practical way that you might approach the assignment is to think in terms of the events of the story, and the two paragraphs. You are expected to use the facts of the story to support, to prove your argument. At all times. This is not an abstract, general theoretical or analytical discussion — this is an argument paper backed by facts. So, choose the four or five or six key points from the story that you want to use, that you want to make, and arranging them chronologically, split them in half and put half of your evidence in the first paragraph, and the other half of your evidence in the second paragraph. So when I read your first paragraph, I should probably not be reading about things that happened at the end of the story, because then what do you plan to put in the second paragraph?

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