(Solved): ENG-102: Week 4 – Write an Outline and Rationale for the Week 7 Paper


(Solved): ENG-102: Week 4 – Write an Outline and Rationale for the Week 7 Paper

Two Parts to this assignment: Part I: Answer the DQ’s in 50 words or more (be specific): Discuss the basics of your paper and your intended audience. Discuss how you’ve planned for your paper to work for your intended audience such as words that you will use and define, the items you will highlight, and more. Then choose a very different audience such as a high-school class or your relatives and discuss how you would change the paper to fit that audience. Part II: Assignment Detail: Develop a formal outline that you will use to organize and write your final paper that is due in Week 7. • This outline must include: • The topic, query, and claim • The major ideas you plan to discuss in the paper • Minor details and examples that support the major ideas • Proper citation format using the guidelines in the Writing Style Handbook • A reference page of at least four references (such as those used in your Annotated Bibliography in Week 3). Write a paragraph discussing your rationale or logic for choosing the major ideas and the organizational structure for your final paper. Include an update on how and why your conclusions have changed or have been further confirmed as a result of the research you’ve completed. Formatting with APA standards

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