(Solved): Education worth the cost


(Solved): Education worth the cost

Essay length: at least three pages typed. Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point, plus works cited page. Sources: three from reliable avenues. Sunday, February 26: deadline TASK: Using three sources to support your position, answer this question: “Is higher education worth the cost? You may agree (“yes”), disagree (“no”) or agree and disagree (“okay, but”) Try to use one source that disagrees with your position, demonstrate your skills of summarizing and proper quotation framing, say “why it matters,” and achieve a balance of logos, ethos, and pathos. Framing (quotation) 1-Source. 2-Biugraphical. 3-Quot. 4-What quote means? Criteria for evaluating your essay: 1- Is the writer’s purpose/position/audience clear? 2- Does the writer spend enough time discussing other writers’ views? 3- Is the essay effectively organized? 4- Are the paragraphs adequately developed? 5- Is the tone appropriate to the essay’s purpose? 6- Is there evidence of attention to language, vocabulary, and verb choices? 7- Are direct quotations used, and are those quotes properly framed? 8- Does the essay contain basic errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling? 9- Do the header and works cited page meet MLA guidelines? For assistance with your works cited page, employ some citation generator of your choosing.

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