(Solved): Editing Exercise Two


(Solved): Editing Exercise Two

o get you ready to design your infographic, you will play with basic layout and design features of Microsoft Word. Remember, in technical communication, plagiarism is not limited to borrowing the words of others, but the graphics as well. Often, technical writers must create simple graphic elements in their work. Your job for this case study is to take what you learn in looking at the redesigns and redesign a logo for Infinity Media, a company that produces educational videos and films. Their logo is shown below. They want a simple logo that they can easily reproduce and update using Microsoft Word. So, using Microsoft Word, ungroup the elements of the logo and redesign it. Present your redesign in a memo to the client in which you explain your changes. Consider, in particular, colors, shapes, proximity, and overall tone. Client Logo for Editing Exercise TwoPreview the documentView in a new window To modify this design, copy and paste it into your version of Microsoft Word. Right click the image and select Grouping—Ungroup. This will allow you to modify the design. You are not required to maintain any of the original elements—change it as you see fit.

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