(Solved): Does life style and environmental modifications prevent falls


(Solved): Does life style and environmental modifications prevent falls

Introduction: Begins paper with an introduction that: a. Describes the clinical practice problem for which you will explore the research literature for a possible solution. b. Develops problem area of study and its importance to nursing c. Describes concepts studied in the research reports d. Identifies a PICO(T) question and provides a thesis statement Major Concepts/Themes a. Identifies 3-4 common concepts/themes (findings) from 5 research studies b. Compares and contrasts what the authors said about the concepts/themes. What did the authors find that was similar? What did they say that was different? c. Supports each theme with evidence from the studies Critique of Research: Provides evidence of systematic evaluation of 5 research articles and summarizes major points of the research findings: a. First state your impressions of what were the strengths of the studies as a group. What were the weaknesses? Discuss the levels of evidence for the studies b. Choose 2 of 4 of the areas listed below to critique about the studies as a group. Discusses these critiques in relation to rigor. Use the evaluation criteria in the text to determine if what the authors did was acceptable. Support your critique with evidence from your text. i. Problem, purpose, question/hypothesis development ii. Study design iii. Sample size iv. Tools/instruments for data collection Support for Innovation or Concept of Interest a. Based on the findings of the 5 studies, what support/lack of support is there for your concept of interest? b. State why or why not? Support your conclusion with citations from the research studies c. If your topic of interest examines a clinical intervention, what practice are your research studies recommending? If not a clinical intervention, what is the recommendation from the 5 studies? What is the implication for nursing practice right now? Professionalism of Paper a. Written in APA format b. Does not exceed the page limit (no more than 8 pages) c. Purpose is clear and ideas are clearly stated d. Reflects a synthesis of the literature; not written as an annotated bibliography e. Does not include quotes, rather uses appropriate referencing and stated in own words f. Ideas are expressed in a logical sequence g. Complete sentences are used with proper punctuation, spelling and grammar h. Correct use of research terminology i. Reference list is properly cited in assigned style of referencing Total Score: /100 The final critical appraisal assignment is designed for you to synthesize (in no more than 8 pages and no less than 4 pages in APA format; this does not include the title and reference pages) the quality of the 5 research articles and determine, based upon the quality and findings of the research, whether a practice change would be appropriate (Evidence Based Practice). You are evaluating the quality of the research, determining what the findings are and how those findings are similar or different from one another. For example, if 3 of the 5 articles are very strong and they recommend treatment A, and the other 2 articles are weak and recommend treatment B, you would state so in the appraisal and suggest that treatment A is most likely the best option and why you feel treatment A is the best option. This is what you are likely to find in the clinical setting – and what you may be participating in once you are working. The goal here is for you to amass multiple research findings and determine whether there should be a change in practice or if the current practice is most appropriate, given the problem you are attempting to solve. It is in your best interest to look at the rubric Preview the documentfor this paper to assist and guide you in the structure you should use for this paper and what should be included.

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