(Solved): Disgrace Literary Essay


(Solved): Disgrace Literary Essay

Requirements: Include an introduction with a clear thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use specific supporting details from the book and at least two from outside sources. By outside sources I mean what others have written about the work (without using their words, of course, and giving them full credit). Do not open or close with biographical material on the author. Biographical material is important as it influences the author’s writing only and should not be a focus of your paper. Use at least three quotes from the book. When citing your sources, cite by author and page number in parentheses following each quote. Example (Kafka 32). Use only the page number if the same author is quoted in succession. When using additional sources, cite according to MLA rules. Do NOT use Spark Notes or other study guides, but find more scholarly research (you might have to go to the library for them or use Google Scholar) and be sure to include the proper citation information. Proofread your essay. You must write in your own words, avoiding plagiarism – use the Literary Analysis Submission Turnitin box to submit. Write around a 900- word literary analysis. Don’t go over 1,200 words. Topics/ approaches (Focus on only one of the following, though some may overlap): The protagonist’s understanding of the nature of the conflict to be resolved and the hurdles to be overcome. Example: It could be hope for change, both in South Africa and in David Lurie. OR: the disgrace David Lurie has suffered over the affair with a student and how that matches the disgrace South Africa has suffered through apartheid. The function of setting to reinforce theme and characterization Example: post-apartheid South Africa is a setting as if not more important than anything else in the novel. Your outside sources would be bit of history concerning apartheid. The use of literary devices to communicate theme: imagery, metaphor, symbolism, foreshadowing, irony Example: Symbolism — Analyze what dogs represent in this story. OR: Determine if David Lurie represents the old, white South Africa, while Lucy represents the new white South Africa. Point of view: The author’s focus on the perspectives of one or more characters. Possible issue to be addressed in introduction or conclusion: Characteristics that make the work typical (or atypical) of the period, the setting, or the author that produced it. For this information, you must go to a library database (you have read in the past module “How to Access Miami Dade Databases”) or a valid search site, such as Google Scholar. Do not open or close with biographical material on the author. Biographical material is important as it influences the author’s writing only and should not be a focus of your paper. Evaluation criteria: Minimum 900 words. I will be using the Gordon Rule Rubric (see “Writing at College Level” in the “Getting Started” folder), but be especially aware of the following important evaluation criteria for this paper: 1. Content: understanding of the work, validity of ideas, adequacy of supporting evidence (at least three quotes from the work you are analyzing and two references from outside sources). 2. Organization: introduction (including the thesis), development of analysis, conclusion 3. Use and arrangement of quotations (see #4) and your ability to quote from outside sources while avoiding plagiarism: 4. Correct MLA formatting and following Typing Guidelines, for example, placement of quotations (1-4 lines): incorporated into text and enclosed in quotation marks, followed by parenthetical page reference, Long quotation (5 lines or more): each line indented about one inch or ten spaces from left margin; parenthetical page reference is at the end but no quotation marks, as well as other details of scholarly college-level writing as explained in your MLA Resources folder.

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