(Solved): Discussion: U.S. Investigating Foreign-Exchange Trading


(Solved): Discussion: U.S. Investigating Foreign-Exchange Trading

read the article and answer the questions and add more informations and references QUESTIONS: 1. (10 Points) Discuss the scope of investigations into foreign-exchange trading at Wells Fargo. 2. (5 Points) What does the bank say did not happen? Did the bank indicate what happened? 3. (3 Points) Define the term “front-running.” 4. (7 Points) Who was the customer that lost money because of the trade? How did Wells Fargo respond to the loss? 5. (5 Points) How did the bank respond to the problem? 6. (30 Points) What other problems and investigations has Wells Fargo faced in the last year? 7. (40 Points) Evaluate the Wells Fargo response to its foreign-exchange trading problems.

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