(Solved): Discussion post. Clostridium Difficile


(Solved): Discussion post. Clostridium Difficile

or this forum, share your current facilities nurse driven clostridium difficile protocol. If your hospital does not have a protocol, please share one that you found online. Discuss the importance of proper clostridium difficile testing. Review the following article: Antimicrobial stewardship: The role of the nurse] . Discuss antibiotic resistance and the nurse’s role in antimicrobial stewardship. Give a brief report on your own hospital’s antibiotic stewardship program and if nursing is an active discipline on this committee. Lastly, please locate and share one of the latest non-antibiotic interventions for the treatment of clostridium difficile. Ladenheim, D., Rosembert, D., Hallam, C., & Micallef, C. (2013). Antimicrobial stewardship: The role of the nurse. Nursing Standard (through 2013), 28(6), 46.

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