(Solved): Discovering Genres of Writing in an Applied Field


(Solved): Discovering Genres of Writing in an Applied Field

For this journal assignment, you will conduct research to discover more about the kinds of writing that are common within a particular applied field – ideally, one you’re interested in. You might conduct either primary or secondary research to respond to this assignment. However, you should focus on collecting examples to the kids of writing done in the field. Consider following the steps below to complete this assignment. 1. Collect examples of the kinds of writing done in the field. 2. Describe the different genres and how they relate to the work of that applied field. 3. Look for comparisons and contrasts across those genres. Do any commonalities point to conventions shared across genres? Are there differences that are important to notice? What do the patterns across the genres tell you about the work and values of that applied field? – There isn’t a page minimal for this assignment – Must be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font

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