(Solved): “Death, Be Not Proud” by John Donne – An Explication


(Solved): “Death, Be Not Proud” by John Donne – An Explication

Write an EXPLICATION ESSAY. Examine one or two lines from “Death, Be Not Proud”. Draft a 2-3 page essay that explains both the meaning of those lines and how those lines best convey the author’s message effectively. What do they illuminate? Foreshadow? Mirror? Suggest? An EXPLICATION demonstrates the following: The essay will identify and explain the salient features of the text. An explication focuses on calling attention to the features of the text. Specifically, this essay will expose and explain the figurative language present within the text. The essay will do more than define words and terms. An excellent explication will define terms and words, but will also explain their significance to the examined text and to the reader. The essay will be well-organized and coherent. The essay will begin with a strong introduction that summarizes the basic content of the story. The introduction will conclude with a strong thesis that directly states the reason you believe your chosen lines to be significant to and enlightening of the text. The body of the essay will consist of well-organized, well-developed body paragraphs, and the essay will conclude with a paragraph that summarizes your main assertions and leaves your reader with profound insight into your chosen text. The essay will demonstrate the writer’s understanding and application of the principles taught in this week’s reading. Specifically, your instructor is looking to see evidence that you read and applied the principles in this week’s reading. The chapter entitled “Writing about Poetry” will be particularly helpful to you.

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