(Solved): Current Event-CSR (corporate social responsibility)


(Solved): Current Event-CSR (corporate social responsibility)

This assignment is a direct link of current events to course material. Instructions for completing the current events paper are as follows: Read the current business press (e.g. Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Bloomberg) and identify an article with a subject relevant corporate social responsibility or CSR Your analysis of the ethical issue should adhere to the following format: -Title page with your name and a creative title. -A one sentence question detailing the ethical issue you are addressing, (i.e. Is it ethical for….?). This should be the first sentence of the paper. -A brief synopsis of the ethical issue (1-2 paragraphs). -A thorough, objective analysis of the issue using the relevant theories from the assigned reading 1-2 paragraphs). -Your insights regarding the theories as well as the particular issue (i.e., your reasoned opinion/judgment) (1-2 paragraphs). -A copy/link of the original article. -Please use one inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides, a 12 point font, double-space the text, and make sure to use correct grammar and spelling. The assignment should be 2-3 pages including title page. The article should be dated no more than 6 months prior to the due date of the assignment.!

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