(Solved): Culture & Communication…This is an Anthropology class!


(Solved): Culture & Communication…This is an Anthropology class!

These are the instructions, most of you might not understand because the topic is related to powerpoints in my class, but I can attach those powerpoints. Instructions— Directives and Politeness: Write down 3 directives that you hear in the next few days that exemplify at least 2 possible forms of directives (anything from explicit imperatives to hints). Describe briefly the setting and participants for each, and how you could tell it was a directive, if necessary. For each of the 3 directives, classify it as best you can using Ervin-Tripp’s taxonomy. Comment on whether the social circumstances in which your directive occurred seem to math the circumstances Ervin-Tripp reported. Then state as specifically as possible how each directive would be classified in Brown and Levinson’s system of politeness strategies.

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