(Solved): Creative Research Paper on Poems by Sojourner Truth


(Solved): Creative Research Paper on Poems by Sojourner Truth

Length will vary depending on the nature of the project, though they are likely to be 5-7 pages in length if you are composing prose. If your project incorporates visuals or if you are writing poetry, you should still complete the same amount of effort that would be involved in writing a research paper of that length. A project should involve some research, but can also incorporate creative strategies (like fiction or poetry writing). You could compose a straight-forward research paper that examines works by an author I assigned. If, for example, you liked Carol Ann Duffy’s “Circe” or “Mrs. Lazarus” poems, you could read more of her work from The World’s Wife. In this collection, she invents wives for famous male characters (like Midas). She also feminizes famous male characters, creating a Queen Kong, for example. Her revisions could give you a whole new perspective on the original characters. You could examine revisionist fairy tales or myths by several writers. We read Carol Ann Duffy’s “Circe,” Luci Tapahonso’s “Leda and the Cowboy,” and Angela Carter’s “The Company of Wolves,” which revise characters from Homer’s The Odyssey, Greek myths about Leda and Zeus, and “Little Red Riding Hood.” Other collections that revisit famous fairy tales include: Anne Sexton’s Transformations and Angela Carter’s short story collection The Bloody Chamber. You might construct a comparison/contrast essay. Or you might compose an introduction, based on research, to your own revision of one of these myths or fairy tales. I did assign a wide variety of authors from the Norton, but you may have been disappointed that I missed one of your favorites from that volume. Therefore, you could choose to work with an essay, play, novel, or poems from our anthology that I did not assign to the class. Again, you could compose a research essay or you could design a project that allows you to combine research with other skills. If you write fiction, you could write responses to some of the pieces that I assigned. You might take minor characters in assigned stories and share their perspective. What is the girl thinking in Jamaica Kincaid’s story? How might she talk back to the woman who lectures her? Your project should be substantial enough to earn 30% of your grade (as is stipulated on the syllabus) so you would need to write five to seven pages. Could you do that with “Girl”? Or could you take characters from different stories and allow them to interact with each other? In another one of my classes, a student created a graphic novel in which characters out of two of the books I had assigned encountered each other in a new plot. The student wrote the text and illustrated his digital book, mimicking some of the narrative strategies that were employed in the original novels. Since one of the assigned books had been about a character who was learning English as a second language, the novelist had employed excerpts from the dictionary as chapter dividers. My student copied this technique in his graphic novel. The words he chose were all related to the concepts and motifs that he had borrowed from the original novels so his project allowed him to demonstrate his mastery of those texts.

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