(Solved): Consulting proposal 2 “Case Change Agent in Waiting”


(Solved): Consulting proposal 2 “Case Change Agent in Waiting”

APA FORMAT You must use a minimum of 4 scholarly peer-reviewed sources plus the text SEE SAMPLE/TEMPLATE – DO EXACTLY THE SAME PROPOSAL MUST BE 1000-1500 WORDS include at least the following 5 sections: 1. Definition of project 2. Diagnosis of current situation 3. Recommendations 4. Implementation plan 5. Summary Use following cases for Consulting Proposal 2. Case Change Agent in Waiting: – What are the key characteristics of government organizations, like the Housing Development Board of Singapore, and not-for-profits which help explain the content for this case? – What is the change challenge for HDB and for Tan as she returns to her former employer? – How do you evaluate her action plan? What are its strengths? What are your concerns? – What would you suggest to improve her plan? – What does it take to drive change from a lower to middle management position and in a government context?

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