(Solved): Conformity and Rebellion in Franz Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist”


(Solved): Conformity and Rebellion in Franz Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist”

discuss how it develops the theme of conformity and/or rebellion. (1) In the introduction of your essay, you will need to specify the source of the conformity or rebellion, i.e. conformity to what? rebellion against what? Examples might be the state, the church, the establishment, tradition, society, the military or war, etc. Remember to underline your thesis statement. (2) During the course of your brainstorming, you should be asking yourself questions both about the response of the central protagonist and/or narrator (whichever is relevant) to this experience, and about the attitude of the story’s writer. (3) Make sure that you use the verb “to conform” correctly: it is not possible “to conform someone,” nor can someone “be conformed.” It is possible, however, to “make someone conform.”

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