(Solved): Composition #2, Poetry Explication


(Solved): Composition #2, Poetry Explication

need a poetry explication, last minute heres a few poems to choose from as well as the assignment how it is assigned to me, i do need in text citation, and citing the book as well which i will provide the isbn for so you know what book to cite (978-0-205-74489-3) need in 24 hours 3pm est! I. CONTENT Choose any poem from the Literature text and explicate (i.e., analyze the poem line by line). Be sure to be focused, perhaps on a theme, idea, or emotion in the poem. Give your essay an interpretive thesis and analyze specific passages very carefully, insightfully. II. STRUCTURE Obviously, you’ll want to demonstrate an understanding of form: introduction, thesis, body, transitions, conclusion. Commit to an argumentative and specific interpretation early, organize your ideas clearly and visually, use direct quotations from and references to specific sections of the story for evidence. Don’t summarize; argue. Interpret. III. STYLE Write well. Not only should you be clear, but your word choice, sentence structure, and overall expression should be involved. Use precise, descriptive wording. Do not overemphasize the single idea (or simple) sentence. Have variety in sentence types, sentence beginnings, word order, and punctuation. The best style is a distinctive one—one that stands out when compared to twenty or so other writers. here’s a few of the poems were covering, i’m willing to also answer any questions Emma Lazurus- The new Colossus judith Ortiz- Latin women pray Shakespeare- my misstress’ eyes are nothing like the sun Dylan Thomas- Do not go gentle into that good night Emily dickenson- i could not stop death or I heard a fly buzz langston Hughes- stopping by the woods on a snowy evening OTHER DIRECTIONS 1. Consider your audience to be skeptical; thus, offer evidence to support your ideas: direct quotation, analysis of those quotes, explanations connecting the quotes to your focus. 2. Document accurately, with a Work Cited and parenthetical reference to lone numbers (use the MLA style—examples in the textbook). A letter grade will be deducted for noticeable omissions or persistent punctuation errors in documentation. 4. Give your paper an effective title. Lastly i will provide a copy of my last essay to understand the style

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