(Solved): Competitive Analysis museum industry for Windowwear industry


(Solved): Competitive Analysis museum industry for Windowwear industry

its important that the instructions are followed !!PLEASE READ!!! The Competitive Analysis research is not on the Windowwear Company but on Museum industry. Your job is to find out if windowwear were to open a museum to display their window exhibits and photographs who are there competition by answering these three questions 3 questions that need to be answered 1. What competitors will the WW Museum face – other ‘like’ organizations, museums, etc… either locally, regionally or internationally? 2. What strategies can be employed to raise its’s tourist profile in NYC? 3 Are there related industry or local enterprises WWM can partner with either for programming, image-raising or fundraising? (No introduction needed or conclusion just a response to these 3 questions in a competitive analysis format). Please use a database for your research or an article that can be found in a school database WindowsWear is a company that maintains and exhibits an extensive photographic collection of current and past window displays. There is an opportunity to preserve and showcase the actual displays either in a physical or digital format to potentially create a museum. Therefore, research must be completed on the MUSEUM industry. APA format.

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