(Solved): Comparison essay


(Solved): Comparison essay

Write a minimum of 3 1/2 PAGES comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences of race between 2 out of the 7 the Articles…..go deep into elaboration and make sure you have a strong thesis and a analysis paragraph, also the writing must be written in 3rd person using good transitions…..The 2 of the 7 articles you can choose from are “Complexion” by Richard Rodriguez “Just Walk On By” by Brent Staples “Beauty whitewashed highlight ideas exclude women of color” by Lindsay kite “A supreme Sotomayor” by Maria hinojosa ” Why Chinese moms are superior” by Amy Chua “Mystical black characters play complex Cinematic role” by Rita Kemp… and or the “1st Conk” by Malcolm X.

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